Job Title: Line Operator
Department: Diaper Production
Date: January 30, 2022
Job Summary: Responsible for performing and supervising the operation of the production on a
diaper machine.
Main Tasks:
·         Assure quality of final product meets company standards and specifications.
·         Keep the line running with minimal downtime and generated scrap.
·         Respond quickly and appropriately when the line is down.
·         Report equipment downtime and record on Equipment Tracking System
·         When required work as part of a continuous improvement team.
·         Compliance with Company’s Health & Safety policy and procedures.
·         Flexible to transfer to any other duties considered necessary to meet the needs of the business
·         Be able to safely power down all equipment, facility and secure building.
Key Responsibilities:
·          Wear appropriate safety protection at all times and ensure compliance with Health & Safety policy and procedures.
·         Start up: Be able to start-up all elements of the line.
·         Set up:  Ability to set up of job and change overs.
·         Shut down: Ability to stop machine safely.
·         Perform scheduled inspections of equipment and housekeeping as specified by check list.
·         Perform physical testing of diaper properties and make sure they are within specification.
·         All paperwork, logs, data entry to be done properly, timely and orderly.
·         Adhere to all relevant documentation systems used in the production procedure.
·         Maintain one's own work area to established housekeeping standards.
·         Perform to meet departmental goals and quality targets.
·          Provide quality products and services that meet customer requirements.
·          Maintain processes within pre-determined limits and monitor non-conformance.
·          Help identify and eliminate problems.
·          Adhere to all relevant documentation systems used in the production procedure.
·          Observe Clean room and handling etiquette.
·         Undertake training as required.
Knowledge and Skills:
·        Must have mechanical or aptitude.
·       Must have good organization and housekeeping habits.
·        Must be detailed focused.
·        Must have initiative and be able to work both with and without supervision
·        Must have basic math and computer skills.
·        Electrical/Electronic knowledge would be desirable.