Job Title: CTU Engineer

Job Rotation: 60/60 on-off duty

Location: Iraq

Immediate Supervisor: WT dept. CTU Supervisor
Reviewing Supervisor: WT dept. Manager

Job Summary: According to the operation requirements, prepare CTU stimulation plans, CTU equipment, and tools, independently lead the team to arrange CTU operations, and complete the operation summary report
Job Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
-       Five years of experience as a CTU Stimulation Engineer.
-       Have certificate of H2S, IADC, IWCF, HSE, or related training
-       Train new employees and coordinate for new employee safety training.
-       Conduct facility safety meetings and materials.
-       Skilled use of Office software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
-       Prepare CTU Operation Proposal, Equipment, CTU tools according to operation requirements
-       Arrange the equipment layout and connect the treatment lines for the operation. Operate stimulation equipment including acidizing double pump, fracture truck, liquid nitrogen pump, nitrogen generator, nitrogen tank, and acid transfer pump.
-       Perform CTU stimulation operation, including pressure test, acidizing, fracturing, nitrogen lifting, etc. Handling the contingency situation during the stimulation operation such as acid leakage, sand plug, Sudden emergency
-       Operate CTU control system and NOV CTES data acquisition system of data van. Export data and curve from data van acquisition system and complete the stimulation post-job report according to client's requirements.
-       Maintenance and troubleshooting for the CTU  equipment Truck Engine. Hydraulic System.  Electronic Control System..
-       Good physical condition, able to adapt to difficult working conditions, and teamwork spirit
-       Perform risk identification, in all CTU Job areas of HSE.
Job Specifications:
            Minimum Qualifications:
-       Five years of experience as a CTU Stimulation Engineer.
-       Have certificate of H2S, IADC, IWCF, HSE, or related training
-       Fluent English speaking and writing.
-       Comply with HSE policies and procedures.
-       Complete all Company required training as per the Training Matrix.
-       Complete GWDC Competence system Scheme within 12 months of being assigned.
-       Bachelor degree or above, major in petroleum and mechanical is preferred
Preferred Qualifications:
-       Experience with Industrial in the oil, gas, chemicals, or industrial manufacturing industry.
-       Knowledge in behavior-based safety management processes.
- Bachelor's degree in a related discipline.
-       Work experience in a Chinese company
Remuneration and Allowance:
-       The probationary period is three months, salary will be 2500 USD during the probationary period.
-       After the probation, The remuneration will depend on the Level and the skill and performance. It will be between 3500-4000 USD Monthly
-       No salary during vocation.
-       Company is responsible for visas and tickets.
-       Job Rotation: 60/60 on-off duty during Covid-19