Responsible for all the fabrication fit up activities in the concerned bay under the guidance of bay in charge / supervisor in order to meet the set production targets and also for the continuous feeding of fitted members to the corresponding welding crews while maintaining the safe & clean working environment. 
Monthly Salary 3,000AED + 1,000 AED Accommodation Allowance

v  To understand the project specifications / requirements for the allocated drgs, communicate to all concerned in the fabrication bay and further work allocation of all the crews.
v  To arrange & ensure the feeding in of all drgs, cut materials, layouts and the required tools & tackles to the work force.
v  To guide the fabricators & fitters to accomplish the given fit up activities and also for the optimum utilization of man hours at par with bay set production targets as per the project quality requirements.
v  To coordinate with the fellow welding crews for the job completion and also with all other departments like cnc shop for materials feeding, QA/QC inspectors for job clearance, stores for getting the required tools & consumables etc.
v  To report ongoing fabrication issues, potential productivity or quality enhancements & assist as and when required for the continuous improvement and also to adopt the established standard working practices to meet the day to day set production targets as well as to achieve the zero rework target.
v  To ensure the proper follow up of all safety practices and regular housekeeping to achieve the zero accident target.
v  To maintain & take care of the given company assets like welding machine, tools & tackles, laser plumps, gas lines etc. for the optimum utilization.
v  To monitor the worker’s leave & absents on day to day basis and counselling of workers to reduce the same as much as possible.  
v  To maintain the discipline, mutual relationship with each other and follow the organization culture, policies & procedures inside the company premises including the staff accommodation as well.