1. At least 10 years of experience in project HSSE management.
2. Good Command of English, including reading, writing, and speaking, TOEFL IBT pass. 
3. Be Familiar with the rules and regulations of CNPC. 
4. Knowledge of risk identification, risk assessment, and other related tools, as well as safety and environmental management theory. 
5. Master Emergency Management and rescue. Evacuation, et CETERA.

1. Responsible for HSSE Management of Project Department, implement HSE requirements in owner’s contract, national (China, host country) laws and regulations on safety in production, HSE regulations and policies of Group Company and company, establish HSE working procedure, standard, system, and target of Project Department; 
2. Responsible for the management of employer liability insurance for Chinese employees;
3. Responsible for coordinating the establishment, operation, and continuous improvement of HSE system in project department, making annual HSE work plan and safety rules and regulations in project department, supervising and inspecting the preparation of HSE work plan by various departments and subcontractors, and supervise and inspect the implementation; 
4. Organize Safety Risk Assessment of engineering project, make an emergency response plan, organize exercise and implement; 
5. Responsible for supervising subcontractors to establish and implement an HSE management system, supervising the implementation of the safety production contract, and inspecting the implementation of the safety production responsibility system.