Job Title: Manufacturing Process Technician
Department: Diaper Production

Date: January 30, 2022
Job Description: The Manufacturing Process Technician is responsible for providing technical and administrative support to the Operations and Engineering teams.

Main Tasks:
§ Provides technical support and training to assembly and manufacturing personnel.
§ Read mechanical drawings and electronic schematics to ensure product specifications and tolerances are met.
§ Troubleshoot equipment, manage calibration and preventative maintenance processes, which include documentation, calibration, maintaining spare parts inventory. This includes the utilization of test equipment (oscilloscope, various meters, function generator, power supply)
§ Equipment programming and setup for manufacturing to ensure product specifications are met.
§ Perform mechanical assembly and fabrication.
§ Design tooling and fixtures for manufacturing by collaborating with the mechanical and electrical engineering teams.
§ Assists in creating, modifying, and revising manufacturing work instructions and process flow documentation.
§ Attends Quality Standards training and assists with applying the standards in both documentation and processes.
§ Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions.
§ Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills:

1.      Degree or equivalent, in a technical discipline; mechanical/electrical or manufacturing engineering preferred.
2.      Previous experience providing technical support in a manufacturing environment.
3.      General mechanical assembly and fabrication experience.
4.      Proficient with electronic test equipment (oscilloscope, various meters, function generator, power supply)
5.      Strong computer skills, including proficiency with MS Office applications.
6.      Strong multi-tasking skills. Completes several concurrent tasks in an efficient and accurate manner.
7.      To have a wide degree of creativity is a plus.
8.      Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to read and write in English.
9.      Experience working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, with limited supervision: self-starter.
10.  Strong attention to detail with excellent prioritization and follow-up skills.
11.  Must rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals in a variety of tasks.
12.  Ability to be part of the team and communicate effectively with all levels within the organization.